Can you use Epoxy Resin on Wood Floors?

Epoxy resin can be coated on any floor finish, however, when being applied on wood, you have to roughly sand its surface for the resin to stick. If the surface of the wood is not properly sanded beforehand, it will not properly adhere and it will start forming cracks or peeling off.

Epoxy resin on wood floors

Coating your wooden floor with Epoxy makes it waterproof, which means your floor will last longer because the chances of moisture and water damage are minimized.

For art enthusiasts, due to its workability, epoxy resin can be applied as a piece of art. It can be mixed with different colors and cast in cracks on damaged wooden floors to produce really beautiful art.

How to Apply Epoxy resin on Wood floors

Regardless of what you want to acquire with epoxy on wood floors, whether you use it as a coating or as a form of art, the steps below will apply.

Surface Preparation

Generally, this is the cleaning and rough sanding off the top coat of the wooden floor. The epoxy coating will not adhere to varnish or sealed floors.

Applying resin without sanding, forms bubbles and cracks on the floor.


For better adhesion, the sanded floor areas need to be applied with at least two coats of acrylic latex wood primer. Well, this will make the project take a bit longer time than expected because each coat has to dry before applying the other, but it will be necessary.

Mixing the Resin

Both components, the resin, and the hardener must be completely mixed together over a few minutes until you have uniform fluidity. Failure to mix them well, the Epoxy resin will become uneven and sticky.

How to Apply Epoxy resin on Wood floors

Often, when purchasing the resin, it comes pre-packaged with the right amounts of hardener required to acquire the perfect mix.

This process should be done in a dust-free and well-ventilated room and wearing a mask and gloves to protect your hands.


Pour the epoxy and start evenly spreading it quickly across the floor using a roller because Epoxy resin hardens really fast, and should be applied to the entire floor within an hour. Begin on the farthest end of the room and work towards the exit.

The first coat might take about four hours to dry. You will need about 2-4 coats each after the previous coat becomes tacky, to attain the perfect finish. Allow the Epoxy resin to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before using the room.

In the event of bubbles, do not panic. Blow the affected area with a hair drier, carefully not to burn the floor until it disappears.

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