Can you Paint Vinyl Flooring?

You might be wondering what to do with your old discolored vinyl flooring at this point. You can improve the look of your flooring without having to replace the entire flooring. Although it might not look as good as if you replaced it, It is possible to paint your vinyl. This is, however, a short-term

Can you Paint Linoleum Floor?

It is not advisable to paint Linoleum floors. Its surfaces do not accept paint so well and If you’re looking for a permanent solution to damaged areas then tear up the affected area and replace it. However, if you’re looking for a short-term solution, there are ways you could do it and change the appearance

Why is My vinyl Flooring Turning Yellow?

Vinyl floor yellowing can either be caused by a chemical reaction between the rubber on your shoes and the floor itself or result from an adhesive used during installation. It is not a result of mold or moisture. When choosing flooring for your home, Vinyl flooring is undoubtedly one of the best options. It is

How to Fix Gaps on Hardwood Flooring?

Like most materials, hardwood flooring expands and contracts with changes in humidity to form gaps. It expands in low humidity and contracts in high humidity.  Other factors that cause gaping in hardwood are: Sometimes flooring is installed in cold seasons, months later in summer small gaps will start appearing. Good thing is that these gaps

Can you Lay Laminate Over Tile?

Yes, You can lay laminate flooring over tile, provided the tiles are in good condition and well leveled. Laminate flooring required no adhesives and is padded below the back layer that will help smooth out the contours between the tiles. The process of laying the laminate flooring on tiles will be the same as laying

How to Fix Buckled Vinyl Floor

To fix buckled vinyl floor, get extra vinyl matching the existing one. Place it on top of the damaged area to get the exact dimensions and cut it out. Use a hot box to weaken the underlying adhesive and remove the cut-out area. Vinyl floor buckling is when the floor lifts a few inches from