How to Clean Heavily Soiled Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are easily damaged by water, therefore when soiled, they should be wiped and dried immediately to avoid damaging them.

One of the first things anyone notices when they get into your house is your floor. They will notice the type of floor you have and how well you have taken care of the floor.

It is key to make sure you properly maintain your floor properly and keep it as tidy as possible. A clean floor lasts for decades and looks good as well. You should always keep hardwood flooring as clean as possible.

Dust will not only make your hardwood flooring look dull but also the dust trapped in the gaps will make the floor start swelling due to lack of expansion space.

Sometimes accidents happen, a flower pot might break, or it could be a passing wind that would make your floor extremely soiled. All in all, dirt is inevitable, but how you take care of the dirt is important not to damage the floor.

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Determine the Type of Hardwood Flooring

To know the method, you will use, you have to know the type of hardwood flooring you are using in your home. Water is a threat to hardwood, so you have to know what you are dealing with first.

Hardwood flooring can be made to be either finished or unfinished.

  1. Finished hardwood flooring: – Also known as prefinished it is a type that is sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane in a factory. Each board is individually baked in an oven with aluminum oxide to create an extremely hard acrylic finish.
  2. Unfinished hardwood flooring: – It is a raw wood that is sanded and finished on-site to give a perfectly flat and smooth floor.

How to clean extremely dirty hardwood flooring using homemade products

Cleaning Hardwood floor with Mineral Spirits

Step 01:

Sweep any large debris on the floor and vacuum off any dirt left in the gaps between the boards. Use a mop dipped in soapy water and wipe off the excess water using a soft microfiber cloth.

If the dirt is still there u can use a soft brush with minimal water to scrub the areas affected the most. Use little water as possible during this process as hardwood is affected by water.

Step 02:

Apply mineral spirits onto a pad and on the floor. This will remove any scuff marks caused by shoes. However, be careful not to a lot of the mineral salts as it darkens the wood.

Step 03:

In case of any crayon marks, you can use toothpaste on the areas. Rub a mixture of toothpaste and mineral spirits and wipe with a clean, soft microfiber cloth.

If there is a need to wax the floor, you can apply it with a cloth or a brush.

Things you will need:

  • Mineral spirits
  • Soapy water
  • Bucket
  • Soft cloth

Cleaning Hardwood Floor with Vinegar

i. To make sure the work is done just right, sweep off your floor of any debris

ii. Mix the solutions properly. There’s no formula for this. Add a few drops and vinegar into the warm water in a bucket until you see that the solution is not concentrated.

iii. Soak a soft mop in the solution, and wring out excess water, as not to damage the floor. Always watch that the water does not enter into the hardwood flooring gaps.

iv. Continue for the rest of the floor continuously until it looks glossy. Turn the fans on and allow it to dry.

Things you will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water in a bucket
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Mop

How to clean Extremely Dirty Hardwood Flooring using Manufactured products

Orange Glo

Sometimes. If you’re not sure about the mixing of the home solutions, you might end up with a product that might affect the hardwood floor.

For example, using ammonia or vinegar to clean up might end up making the floor too wet. In this case, you might want to consider manufactured products. For this specific job, I recommend you use orange Glo or any other products with a similar formula.

Why orange Glo?

They manufacture this product to work best in homes with pets and to have no allergic reactions. It has a good orange smell and brings out the natural beauty of your hardwood after cleaning.

Orange Glo is also infused with solvents that loosen really stubborn dirt, therefore, In other words, as Amazon says “it cleans, shines protects, and revitalizes”

How to clean hardwood using orange Glo cleaners

As with the homemade cleaners, sweep the hardwood flooring and spray orange glo as you wipe it until the floor becomes clean.

The best way to do it is to spray sparingly on your hardwood (don’t worry, orange glo has very little water that cannot damage your hardwood) and wipe with a soft cloth or even an old rag not to scratch the floor.

For best results, mop the floor with a big soft microfiber mop like the ones from Bona.

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