Method Statement For Installation Of Gypsum Board


To ensure that the Gypsum Board Suspended Ceiling and related activities are executed safely and in accordance with the contract requirements and that all quality assurance/control activities are conducted in a systematic manner. To ensure that works are inspected, conformance is verified and documented.

  • SCOPE:

This procedure is applicable to the following works associated with the project for the installation of the suspended ceiling as per approved shop drawings.


  • The Project Manager shall be responsible for the overall implementation of this procedure for suspended ceiling works, ensuring the works described in this statement are conducted to required codes, standards, and best practices in conformance with approved drawings and specifications
  • The site Engineer along with Surveyor / Foreman will ensure that the works are  carried out in accordance with the specifications, approved drawings, and in accordance with this method statement
  • QA/QC Engineer shall ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the project’s requirements. He shall be also responsible for the implementation of related QA/QC works as detailed and as required in this procedure
  • HSE Inspector / Safety Officer shall ensure the implementation of all safety procedures and regulations as per our HSE Plan and in accordance with the safety plan set by the contractor, he shall conduct training and toolbox talks on the hazards, dangers, and controls before the commencement of works.


  • Drills
  • Knives: Knives used must be of good quality and for the required job,
  • hand gloves
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sandpaper Scrapers
  • Level tools (Laser level)

The capacity/size of the above equipment shall be judged in accordance with site conditions, requirements, and availability at the time of execution.

All the above tools or equipment will be operated by skilled laborers and will be checked and maintained regularly by our supervisor.

Safe Work Plan

  • The forklift will be used for lifting material, safe for its use, and the operator should have a valid license to operate.
  • A toolbox talk to conducted prior to the start of the work, in accordance with the procedure
  • One member of the erection crew will be assigned as a bank man and shall be suitably trained by the supplier for the task. Only the bank’s man will give instructions to the operator.
  • All required materials will be brought to the site location.
  • Forklift operations will be under the control of the bank’s man who will have clear visual contact at all times with the equipment.
  • Ensure all Personal Protection Equipment like Steel Toe Safety Shoes. Safety helmets, Goggle, Safety reflective jacket, and Safety Belt is worn prior to the start of work.
  • Erection of scaffolding shall be done by certified scaffolders.
  • All electrical cables shall be color-coded by a competent person with monthly color coding.
  • Lighting shall be provided in the night shift activities

Suspended Ceiling Installation Procedure

Before the start of suspended ceiling works the following works need to be completed and assessed by the QA/QC engineer from all concerned parties.

  • Plaster works to walls up to the required height
  • Stucco and primer work should be done to the required height
  • All M.E.P works of first fix services should be completed
  • Protection of flooring

Before starting to fix the false ceiling, clearance will be obtained from the contractor, consultant, and MEP subcontractor for services of M.E.P. above the false ceiling as completed and approved.

An area for mockup will be prepared for inspection and approval before proceeding with the overall installation

QA/QC procedures shall be followed, inspections shall be carried out at different work tiers and clearances shall be obtained at progressive levels as mentioned therein.

Fixing of Suspension Grid

  • I angle as per approved materials and section details of false ceilings will be fixed on level markings with self-taping screws and royal plugs @ every 400mm c/c and at 100mm near the wall corners and joints of angles
  • Vertical support of primary channels or 3.5mm dia G.I wire with approved materials and section details will be fixed to concrete slab @ 1000mm and 300mm near walls with 6mm dia concrete plugs or rivets and extra supports should be provided near A/C ducts if required.
  • Horizontal channels will then be fixed to vertical channels with self-tapping screws.
  • For areas where the suspension height is much more than typical like the toilets, the C-channels 38X10mm shall be used as vertical support, the channels shall be fixed to the slab with high screws from fisher supporting up to a weight of 50 kg per fix.
  • The suspension system of the gypsum board ceiling should not be in direct contact with M.E.P. services, especially A/C ducts

Fixing of Suspension Grid/Frame

Before starting the Gypsum Board fixing services of false ceiling clearance will be obtained by the contractor, consultant, and M.E.P sub-contractor, services of M.E.P above the false ceiling to be completed and approved as well as inspection of the suspension frame of false ceilings should be carried out by the consultant and should be rectified to comments if given by them:

  • The gypsum plasterboard sheet as approved should be fixed to furring channels with self-taping screws at every 100mm c/c and G.I angles at the perimeter of walls.
  • Extra furring channels should be provided at the joints of Gypsum plasterboards to their shorter lengths and cut piece joints if required.
  • Extra support should be provided around the access panel.

Finishing of Gypsum Board

  • Apply joint filler in all the joints to fill the gaps
  • Apply joint filler over the mesh and screw positions at the level of the boards and leave it to get dry.
  • The ceiling shall be finished with an approved paint, a minimum of two coats of paint on approved drywall primer. QA/QC engineer will review surface preparation before the start of final finishing and painting works.
  • Application of stucco & paint coat layers shall be in different directions.

This procedure shall be followed unless otherwise instructed by the project engineer.

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