Vinyl vs Aluminum Siding-Whats the Difference?

Vinyl siding is good, in terms of cost, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Aluminum siding on the other hand is good in heat resistance, making it good for spaces like Kitchens and hot areas.

When choosing a siding material for the exterior of your home, besides choosing a material that looks good, you have to consider choosing a material that is durable and comfortable throughout the year.

Good siding materials can withstand harsh weather conditions all through. In the cold winter season and the hot summers, and also provides security for your home. They improve the appearance of your property.

Vinyl and aluminum sidings are among the top most used materials for external cladding purposes. So, which one is best for your home?

Vinyl vs Aluminum Siding- What’s the Difference?

Vinyl vs. aluminum Siding

Choosing between vinyl and aluminum siding will be determined by factors like aesthetic value, durability, cost, maintenance, ease of installation, and insulation just to name but a few.

Each factor is critical, and it is important to equally consider them without overlooking some factors.


Both Vinyl and aluminum siding come in different thicknesses and gauges. The gauge, style, and texture you choose will determine the cost of buying and also the cost of installation. Another factor that will determine cost is your location. How far is your vinyl being shipped?

Even with all these factors in place, generally, the price of aluminum siding is much higher than that of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding on average costs around $5 per square foot, while aluminum siding costs an average of $8 per square foot.


The cost of aluminum siding is relatively higher compared to that of vinyl siding.


Being a metal means that aluminum is not energy efficient which makes vinyl resistant to cracking and warping.

The reason is that metal is a poor insulator, and therefore, in hot weather aluminum absorbs heat making it to crack. Insulated vinyl, on the other hand, gives an added layer of protection from heat loss which makes it more durable and also keeps your home comfortable

Additionally, Aluminum sidings tend to scratch and fade easily compared to vinyl, therefore, in case of harsh conditions like hailstorms, aluminum siding is likely to get dented.

Vinyl siding is also a little thicker than aluminum siding.


Vinyl siding is more durable than aluminum siding. Vinyl siding lasts for over about 40 years while aluminum siding will only last for 30 years.


Maintenance is a key factor to consider when choosing between vinyl and aluminum siding. You have to choose a material that will not cost you a lot of money on repairs and one that will not require much work and consume a lot of time.

Vinyl siding is baked during manufacturing which makes vinyl less prone to fade and stays as new over the years. it assures your home’s beauty over the years.

Aluminum is prone to fading, dentation, and scratching easily as compared to vinyl. This means you have to keep repairing and repainting or even replacing depending on the impact of the damage.

It is always difficult to find a match on the existing aluminum siding once it fades and most of the time you have to replace the entire cladding.


The cost of maintenance for vinyl siding is relatively cheaper than that of aluminum siding.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl siding is generally thick compared to aluminum siding. This makes Aluminum lightweight and therefore, easy and cheaper to cut and install.

Aesthetic Value

Aluminum siding is not as aesthetically appealing as vinyl siding. Aluminum has a metallic appearance and lacks high aesthetic appeal which puts off many homeowners.

Additionally, Vinyl offers a wide range of varieties which makes it easy to find a style, color, and design that perfectly matches your home style.

Vinyl siding


Vinyl siding offers a wide range of varieties to choose from. That is different styles, colors, and textures, unlike aluminum siding which is metallic and lacks aesthetic appeal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

  1. Vinyl siding is durable. It lasts for over 40 years.
  2. It is energy efficient and therefore resistant to cracking and warping.
  3. Vinyl siding does not fade.
  4. It is cheap to buy and maintain vinyl siding.
  5. Vinyl siding offers a wide range of varieties to choose from
  6. It offers a great aesthetic appeal for your home exterior.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

  1. It is expensive and tedious to install vinyl siding.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Siding

Advantages of Aluminum Siding

  1. It is lightweight and therefore easy to install.
  2. Aluminum siding is fire-resistant.
  3. It is recyclable.
  4. It is completely waterproof.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Siding.

  1. Aluminum siding is not aesthetically appealing.
  2. It is expensive to maintain aluminum siding.
  3. It is easily dented and scratched.
  4. Aluminum siding fades easily on exposure to heat.
  5. There’s no wide variety to choose from.
  6. It is less durable compared to vinyl siding even when professionally installed.

Vinyl vs Aluminium- Which one is Best for your Home?

Choosing between aluminum and vinyl siding means choosing cladding that best suits your home and at the same time within your budget.

Vinyl siding is best overall, in terms of buying, maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Vinyl not only makes sure that your home looks great but also makes sure that your home’s security is assured at a cheaper cost.

This though does not imply that aluminum siding is not good. In some circumstances, you might find aluminum siding working better than vinyl siding. For instance, in a kitchen, you cannot use vinyl siding because the fire will melt it.

In other words, the purpose of the room will determine the choice of siding. Each one will work differently in different circumstances.

Even after making the right choice, it is good to know how to properly maintain your sidings for a long-lasting original look. Appearance matters, you don’t want to choose a siding that will cost you a lot of money to maintain.


Vinyl siding is a synthetic product made from a combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other additives. It is a relatively low-cost, lightweight, and durable option for homes and businesses. Vinyl siding is available in a variety of colors and textures, and it can be painted to match any color scheme. It is easy to install easy to maintain and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Aluminum siding is a metal siding product made from aluminum alloy sheets. It is a more expensive option than vinyl siding, but it is also more durable and requires less maintenance. Aluminum siding is available in a variety of colors and textures, and it can be painted or finished to match any color scheme. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures, but it is more prone to dents and dings than vinyl siding.

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