Can Swiffer Ruin Laminate Flooring?

No. Swiffer is actually designed for floors such as laminate, finished hardwood floors, and ceramic tiles and will therefore not ruin or damage it

Laminate makes one of the most beautiful floors around. In recent years, people have opted to use it and dropped hardwood flooring because of the high price tag it comes with. It gives the room a very classy look and is very durable when well taken care of.

The key to having your laminate flooring last longer is making sure they stay as clean as possible. Cleaning, however, needs to be done in a manner that not too much water is used because it is a wood by-product.

Too much water on wood causes warping and buckling. Using a wet mop even after wringing there could be water left on it and that is why products like the Swiffer wet jet were devised.

How to Assemble the Swiffer

Step 01: Unbox the Swiffer

Unwrap all the pieces and set them aside. Confirm from the user’s manual that all parts are present that is, All the pads, the cleaning solution, and the batteries, all have to be there.

Step 02: Join the parts

The manual will guide you on how to snap and interlock the parts together. The main parts are usually three:

  1. The pole with the mop
  2. The middle pole where the cleaning solution goes
  3. And the handle

Step 03: Insert Batteries and the Cleaner

Open the battery compaction and insert the batteries, they are usually four double AA types. The lever to open the battery compartment is found underneath the button that is used to pop out the bottle holding the cleaning solution.

Once this is done, turn the Swiffer upside down, this is how you insert the cleaner.

The flat side of the cleaner should be flashed with the rod of the Swiffer. Once properly aligned, firmly press it into the container holder.

Step 04: Attach the Cleaning Pads

The cleaning pads are peel-and-stick type. It has two strips of paper which when peeled make the pad stick to the Swiffer.

You will notice that the pad has one extra tough side, this side should go at the back end of the mop.

Step 06: Get to work  

To test whether it works, point the Swiffer in the direction of the dirt, press the button on the handle to see if it releases the solution, and start mopping.

Note: one short press about a 2-second long hold will release a cleaning solution enough for about 10 square feet. You don’t want to get too much solution on your laminate for obvious reasons. Warping

How to Clean Laminate floor Using a Swiffer

Step 01: Dry mopping

Not only for laminate flooring, cleaning any surface, a wall, countertop, or any floor finish type, regardless, if you want the best results always remove the dust and the underlying debris.

The mop pads of a Swiffer, are designed to pick up any dirt and lock it up. This makes sure that debris does not scratch your laminate flooring. If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner a Swiffer is a perfect replacement.

For days that u do not want to wet mop your floor, run this to ensure you don’t have too much dirt sitting on the floor.

Step 02: Wet mopping

Remove the dry pad and replace it with a wet one. You don’t have to throw it away; u can keep it and rewash it for later.

Run the mop throughout the room the same way you did with the dry mop until the floor regains its shine. Wet mopping makes your floor skid so be careful while you’re at it.

Why use the Swiffer Wet jet on Laminate flooring?

The Swiffer is designed to pull dirt and grime and lock it away, making sure it is not dragged around scratching the floor.

A Swiffer will combine the job done by a broom and a mop. All you have to do is, once pick up the dirt and the dust you remove the soiled cloth and replace it with a wet cloth and that’s it.

It comes with 6 heavy-duty mopping pad refills, 4 original mopping pad refills, I bottle of cleaning solution, and batteries all for 25 dollars.

The disposable pads ensure that you don’t have dirty mops to store.

Other ways you can use a Swiffer

  1. Because of its long arm, u can use Swiffer to prep a wall for painting. Cleaning off the dust and stuff like that.
  2. In damp areas like the bathroom, mildew will always hide in the ceiling. Rather than using a ladder to get up there, you can just clean it using a Swiffer.
  3. Because it is flexible, you can take advantage of this feature when u drop your earrings, or rings under furniture you cannot get under. Simply attach a magnet on the end and start fetching.
  4. Use a Swiffer to clean and remove cobwebs on Windows. You can also use it to clean your car’s windshield.

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