Can you Paint Linoleum Floor?

It is not advisable to paint Linoleum floors. Its surfaces do not accept paint so well and If you’re looking for a permanent solution to damaged areas then tear up the affected area and replace it.

However, if you’re looking for a short-term solution, there are ways you could do it and change the appearance of your home.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to do this task most effectively.

How to Paint Linoleum Floor

Step one: Prepare the Surface

Anytime you perform such a similar task, (a task that involves painting) the first thing to do is make sure the surface is clean and smooth as possible.

Sweep and mop your linoleum floor thoroughly. Once this is done, sand down the floor using the 120 grit until u attain a smooth surface.

Sanding might be difficult, but it is the most vital step in this task. If you don’t get it right, the paint will not adhere properly.

To know if the surface is ready, you should notice the shine/glossy look on your linoleum fade away.

Step 2: De-glossing.

After proper sanding, once you don’t see any shine on your floor, there will be dust left. Mop it clean with water only.

Once that is done, it is time to get rid of the glossy/shiny part of the linoleum flooring that makes it hard to paint. This work is done with a liquid called a de glosser. Its job is to improve the bond between the floor and the paint.

Squirt the liquid de-glosser on the floor starting from the area opposite your door, painting it and heading outside to make sure you’re not trapped inside.

When all is done let it sit for some time to dry.

Step 4: Paint

First, tape the edges of the wall, along the floorboards, to protect them from the paint.

Prime the surface of the linoleum flooring one layer the same way you applied the de-glosser. Once the primer is dry, apply the first coat.

The edges should always be painted the edges first. When you’re done, use the roller brush to do the entire floor, making sure the strokes are all in one direction for uniformity.

If you don’t have any paint in mind, try the SW Porch Enamel Paint. It is durable and gives a very exotic end product.

Let the first coat dry off and apply the second one for a clean finish. After drying, don’t forget to peel off the painter’s tape.

Tools and materials, you will need:

  • 120 grit Sandpaper discs
  • Paint roller.
  • Mop/Clean cloth
  • Liquid de-glosser
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Painters tape

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