Can you use Pine-Sol on laminate floors?

Pinesol cleaner can be used to clean laminate floors and also in a wide range of other surfaces like Ceramic tiles, linoleum floorings, all finished hardwood floors, glass, glass, plastic e.t.c

For many years pine sol has been used to clean granite countertops in the kitchen to remove grease.

If laminate flooring is installed in a public space like a convenience store, it is hard to avoid dirt and grease.

Laminate flooring is a durable and highly aesthetic type of flooring when properly taken care of. When Build-up dirt and grease are left for a long time the floor becomes dull.

Pine-sol deodorizes and cleans the floor at the same.

How clean Laminate Floors with Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner

How clean Laminate Floors with Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner
How to Clean Laminate flooring with Pinesol

Before using Pine-sol, the floor surface should be dry-mopped and vacuumed to get rid of all grit and dust.

Things you’ll need:

  • Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • warm water
  • Sponge or an old toothbrush
  • Bucket

Step 01: Mix

Mix a ¼ cup of Pine-sol with a gallon of warm water in a bucket.

Step 02: Clean

Dip a mop in the solution and wring before wiping the floor to avoid damaging your laminate. Wipe with minimum moisture making sure you don’t leave puddles.

Wiping with a lot of moisture will warp your laminate flooring.

Step 03: Finish

Once all the surface is cleaned up, dip the mop in clean water and wring it so it is just damp, and rinse the built-up residue.

Some areas might still need extra attention, where the dirt is stubborn. In this case, squirt Pinesol cleaner, just directly from the bottle in the affected area, and using a sponge or a toothbrush, gently scrub off the stain.

Another alternative for cleaning would be using the Pinesol cleaning mop. It is easier and more efficient however the initial cost is high compared to just using an ordinary mop.

Pine-Sol Microfiber Spray Mop

Whether at home or in a public space, Pinesol spray mop will make cleaning your laminate flooring an easy and stress-free task/Chore. It is the most convenient way of cleaning floors.

The Spray mop comes with a removable refillable bottle, which gives you the freedom to not only use Pine-sol products but also a solution of your choice.

The head of the mop has been designed to cover a large area making cleaning not only efficient but also faster. They have designed it to swivel 180 degrees to reach areas that are hard to clean using an ordinary mop.

Pine-sol spray mop has washable microfiber pads, you, therefore, don’t have to buy new ones every time you clean your laminate flooring.

The spraying mechanic is a non-battery-operated trigger that gives full control of the amount of solution to be used.

Tips on Keeping your Laminate flooring dirt free

Tips on Keeping your Laminate flooring dirt free
Tips on Keeping your Laminate flooring dirt free

Use doormats

Most of the dirt in the house comes from shoes. Use a doormat preferably one with waterproofing qualities to trap soil, oil, small pebbles, and debris before you enter the house.

Sweep your floor regularly.

Dirt left on the floor will get into the gaps of your laminate flooring and becomes difficult to clean in the future.

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